List of documents for the marriage / wedding in the Czech Republic
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List of documents for the marriage / wedding in the Czech Republic

Extract from the Czech Family Law 419/1963, with the modifications 412/2008, 2011

The groom and (or) fiancee who are not citizens of the Czech Republic must provide the following documents for the marriage:

  • Birth certificate
  • Certificate of citizenship
  • Valid passport
  • Certificate of marital status  confirming  legal capacity to marry and issued according to the legislation of the  country of the citizenship ( the ability of the foreigner to marry  and the conditions of his activities according to the Private International Law and also procedural rights of the country of the citizenship)
  • Certificate of permanent  residence
  • Certificate of death of a spouse (if it is).
  • Bill of divorce (if it is).
  • Certificate of  residence in the Czech Republic issued by the Ministry of Internal Affairs is not be older than 7 working days  to wedding day
  • Points 2, 3, 4 can be in one document. The citizenship can also be determined on the base of the passport.
  • All the above documents must be certified for use them in the Czech Republic.
  • The documents translated into Czech by an interpreter who is registered in the Czech court registry must be given to the Department of Civil ceremonies.
  • If the foreigner does not speak and understand Czech the legal interpreter must be present at the wedding. Wedding ceremony is not empowered without the presence of the legal interpreter.

Our comment:
Certificate of marital status for each country has its own features which are regulated by the legislation of the country of the citizenship and the form authorized in the Czech Republic.

APOSTIL is the legalization of documents of many countries to be accepted in the Czech Republic.

There are countries which can provide their documents in the Czech Republic without APOSTIL.

There are also countries not supporting APOSTIL.

We will give you an individual consultation about documents and their legalization in relation to the country of your citizenship.