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How long the Czech Republic and Prague exist so long these numerous and varied excursions in this unique country will exist, so long a wide stream of tourists will flow here every year. Masterpieces of medieval architecture retained in remarkably precise abd good form, amazing views and landscapes of Czech nature, legends and stories, wandering literally in every historical nook, and also the perfectly organized tourist service - all this is a reliable platform on which are based the Czech excursion bastions: castles, churches,basilics and cathedrals, homesteads,parks, resorts, silver mines, stalactite caves, mineral water sources, UNESCO architecture monuments - it is difficult to enumerate all the historical pearls of Czechia.

Sightseeing tours in Prague allow not only to get acquainted with the capital fully, but also to see unique creations of human hands: the residence of Bohemian rulers, Old Town, Jewish Quarter, garden and park areas of Prague, coastal landscapes during Boat Tours and, of course, the famous Charles Bridge Unforgettable excursions to Czech castles - each of them is itself a great and interesting event because every castle is a storehouse of historical relics and the richest collections of medievel masterpieces of culture, painting, luxury goods and arms ans weapons.

The castles Karlstejn, Konopiste, Sychrov, Loket, Czech Sternberg, Krivoklat, Hluboka nad Vltavou, Cervena Lhota do not leave indifferent even the most demanding tourists,confirming that the Czech Republic is called a country of castles not without reason...

Excursions to Czech resorts are well-deserved popular - Karlovy Vary, Marianske Lazne, Frantiskove Lazne, - because the exceptional quality of local mineral springs and mud and also a rich history of resorts provide an international reputation to this day.

And finally famous Czech beer - it it not only a very tasty beer, but also an excursion beer: history of beer and history of Czech breweries are closely intertwined, and these kinds of excursions - Beer Tours, Beer Spa, the tavern Detenice - combine entertaining stories, degustation and gastronomy program based on the original Czech cuisine...

We can not stay away from the rich excursion programs which are the walking tours, car trips, bus tours, river tours, bike tours and conmbined tours as well.

Our recommedations below are just waiting for your choice!





Day of week


Description of excursions







Old Town with its winding streets and squqres is considered to be the most mysterious and mythical of the four historic cities of Prague.

During the excursion you will learn many sights of Prague and hear about events in European history which took place in Old Town very often.

Route of excursion: Malostranska square, Charles Bridge,  Jewish Quarter,  Town Square, Karolinum.


Bus Tour to the Austrian capital Vienna




Vienna is the capital of music, the city of luxury pakaces, magnificent squares and picturesque streets. You will see Town Hall Square, Hofburg - the winter residence of the Austrian emperors, the famous St. Stephen's Cathedral, the  historic Anchor watch and well-known Viennese cafe.

75 €

Bus Tour " The Castle, brewery and medieval tavern Detenice" (inc. dinner and entertainment)





The ancient castle is located in 70 km from Prague. It was originally built in the Renaissance style

In 1998-99 there was a extensive reconstruction of the castle and it serves as a place of rest for prominent persons.

During this excursion the guests will be offered the viewing the interiors of the castle. In conclusion of the excursion the dinner in the ancient tavern waits for you, during this dinner you will feel thew atmosphere of the 16th century  - a hall illuminated with torches, the straw on the floor, animal skins on the walls, dishes cooked in a reak furnace right before your eyes and the staff dressed in medieval costumes.




(with dinner)

Bus Tour to Dresden




The city of Dresden is rightly called the Florence of the Elbe. For centuries this city was the capital of the Electors and kings of Saxony and it is famous for rich architecture and well-known collections of wrks of Art.

During the excursions you will make a journey around the city, you will get acquainted with such monuments as the Semper Opera, Zwinger Palace, the Evangelical Frauenkirche, the Royal Palace-Residence and many others.

After the excursion you will have enough time to spend as for visiting famous museums of the city as for shopping.


Bus Tour "Karlovy Vary"

(inc. a visit to the brewery Krushovice)




Karlovy Vary is considered to be one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. This resort  is famous for this enchanting architecture  and curative propertive of thermal springs.

During the journey you will visit a famous brewery where you taste several kinds of local beer.

In Karlovy Vary a very fascinating excursion around the city waits for you and then you will have free time for rest and shopping.