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For Partners

Our weddings are the best weddings in the Czech Republinc!
Everybody buys us, because we are the only official specialists of the Wedding Craft in the Czech Republic  accomplishing their job professionally. Weddings abroad - this is not only pleasure, luxury or adventure, but first of all it is a serious administrative arrangement.

Our weddings are polished like diamonds. 10 years experience in this area allows to be the first in the list of clients’ preferences and being respected by authorities and official bodies. To prepare the documents for Weddings, this is a half of the job, the most important is to synchronize every detail - transfers, video, photo, guests and many other things. Our weddings are scheduled  to every minute, nevertheless we certainly find wedding time and venue for each couple, in order to organize for them the most desired and unforgettable their life Event.

Weddings abroad is a product, which constantly takes the leading position on the market of demand. Therefore our cooperation proposal must be interesting for vast potential partners community. We are open to negotiate with:

- touroperators
- touragencies

- wedding agencies (outbound)
- wedding salons

- wedding magazines (or related media)
- dating agencies

We are chosen by everybody! Please do not hesitate to contact us, because we believe it will be beneficial for you to work with us. We are partners who know their job and you could rely on us .