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(Theatrical Wedding) are so lacking fabulous feelings in real life, old times attract us with luxury clothing, interesting forgotten traditions, extraordinary music...Probably therefore an idea of a theatrical, or costume wedding was born - an idea of a scenic statement in which the medieval costumes for the groom and fiancee, accompanying persons and a group of actors playing this magnificent antique performance  will help to bring closer the atmosphere of bygone centuries famous for their courtesy and romanticism.

Theatrical wedding associates with a castle or ancient arched hall - mural paintings, portrait galleries,pretentious furniture - the whole castle medieval entourage of old residences of Czech kings wil form with colorful fragments the multicolored mosaic of Your fancy-dress wedding!

Package price: from 1250 EUR to 2850EUR*

Package includes:

  • Wedding date and venue booking**
  • Documents preparation and processing***
  • Documents Translating  into Czech****
  • Bride&groom transfer from Prague airport to the Hotel and back
  • Assistance at  the Foreign Police (For Non-EU only)
  • Assistance for administrative arrangements
  • Individual consulting for minor wedding arrangements
  • State taxes and fees
  • Marriage Ceremony
  • Sworn interpreter  at the Marriage  Ceremony
  • Witnesses at the Marriage Ceremony, if needed
  • Legal support of the wedding procedure
  • Marriage certificate in one copy *****
  • Wedding car for the ceremony
  • Wedding drink  for the ceremony


Package price varies dependos on wedding venue

** The date could be ordered at least 1.5-2 monthes in advance. For high season even earlier bookings are required.

***For some countries’ citizens (for example for RUS) we could arrange the marital  status certificate ourselves with power of attorney , cost : 50EUR per personSpecifications

****As a document for translation we count 1 page document.  This package grands 6 documents for each couple. If there is more, then it would charged above the package costs. Each document page : 35EUR.

***** The marriage certificate will be handed officially translated into required language, legalisation is charged for  additional costs: 30-120EUR. Additional marriage certificate is charged from 70 to 200EUR, depends on urgency and legalisation costs.