Marriage to an Israeli
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Marriage to an Israeli

To carry out your orders exactly and in time we have created an organized system of our company’s work. All the entire process can be divided into several phases:

Step 1.

The acquaintance with our site where you can find the information you are interested in.

Step 2.

Determination  the date  and venue for the ceremony.

Step 3.

Contact our manager for the details of your wedding. We consult you completely on all stages of getting your documents, book the date you wish, time and venue of ceremony.

Step 4.

Sending documents by fax or scanned copies and completing the forms in your language. We check the correctness and validity of your documents .

Required documents:

- Birth certificate

- Certificate of citizenship

- Valid passport

- Certificate of marital status confirming the ability to marry and issued in accordance with the laws of the country of citizenship ( the capacity of a foreigner to marry and the conditions of his operations in accordance with the International Private Law and procedure rights of the governing country of a foreigner)

- Certificate of permanent residence

- Certificate of death of a spouse (if it is)

- Certificate of divorce (if it is)

- 2,3,4 points can be in one document. Citizenship can also be established by means of passport.

All the above documents should be certified to use them in the Czech Republic

Step 5.

Receiving our confirmation of date, place of wedding and correctness of your gathered documents.

Step 6.

Prepayment (it is possible to pay via bank transfer, PayPal or credit card VISA, MasterCard). After the prepayment is done we will send you a voucher and begin to translate the documents into Czech, prepare documents for wedding and supply them to the registry office.

Step 7.

Your arrival in Prague and meeting with your personal coordinator. We meet you at the airport and care about you at all stages.

Step 8.

The official ceremony and handle the translated and legalized for its recognition in Israel marriage certificate. We provide you a full spectrum of wedding services including all the necessary consultations.

Step 9. Advice (if necessary) of qualified lawyers on emigration to the country you need.