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Just attention everybody!

In the Czech Republic:


  • - trade unions of the railways are threatening strike
  • - the foreigners from the countries not included in the European Union will get right to universal health insurance
  • - Czech was subjected to international critic because of the segregation of Gipsy children
  • - the exhibition of the witch trials in Jesenic region is being prepared - there is a film festival in Zlin - Franco Nero will not come
  • - Czechs carried away with Russian ballet
  • – there is a broadcasting of ballets from Russia directly
  • - the diggers will appear in Wenceslas square
  • – the demolition of the corner building is permitted
  • - famous Carlsbad wafers will be produced only in the Czech Republic
  • - the inspection will tighten the rules of the control over fresh vegetables import
  • - the first part of the Medical Reform in Czech is ready