Our History
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Our History

  • 12.11.2001 – Establishment of For You Centre

    From the moment the company was established it was determined  to focus on Wedding Tourism. Currently the existing brand Shelly Weddings is well known as biggest wedding services provider in the Czech Republic.   We cooperate with many Tour Operators in Russia, Israel, Ukraine, , UK and USA.  We have expounded our colaboration network with smaller agencies, which sell our wedding packages abroad.

10.05.2002  - First international wedding  Gerogia -Israel

  • International marriages - it is not a  phenomen anymore  for the last 20 years. In 2002 our Agency Shelly Weddings married first international couple, reconsiling all disagreements in administrative regard.

  • 19.02.2004  The  1000th wedding:    Czech Republic- Germany

    In 2004 our Agency celebrated already the 100th wedding, which was for Czech bride and German groom. The newly married organised a wedding reception for 50 guest. This was indeed an international fest. Anniversary weddings  are always joyful events for us.
  • 10.03 2005 Wedding Salon  “ Shelly” opening

    In 2005  wedding agency established a Wedding Salon Shelly . since this moment the premises provides complete wedding services. Salon constantly update the wedding ware collection, accessories and men's ware collection. Beside this. Beside this salon offers styling, visage and florist services. 

  • 18.07.2008  The 5000th wedding - Russia

    http://wedding4u.eu/images/stories/1000.jpg In 2008 our agency again celebrates anniversary wedding. This time we break our first 5000 weddings and the frotune fell on Russian couple.
    The wedding was organized in one of the most famous medieval Castle in the Czech Republic, well known by his  centuries-old history - Castle Detenice. There was someting very special about this wedding - as it was desired we created a scenario for the wedding and actors took part in this glorious perfomance.
  • 23.01.2011 Shelly Weddings becomes an honored member of Association of Wedding Professionals on the Czech Republic

This Association is a summary of many years experience of the biggest wedding tourism operators of the Czech Republic. The main goal to unite into association was first of all to enhance positions on the growing market of wedding services to gether with other leading professionals if this field. Other goals and targets are being goupped step by step.

  • 12.02.2011 Cooperation on Love Lotus project

This progect was designed to integrate weddings in the Czech Republic as tourism product into Russian speaking markets. A number of measurements were arrangeed as well as rearragements of  Agency team.  At the moment the project is closed and as result we have increased sales on Rusiian speakinf market upto 30%  in annual perpsective.

  • 11.11.2011 anniversary weddings

    It was impossible to skip this significant date 11.11.11. According to our record on 11th of November 2011 there were 11 weddings organized by our Agency.  Incredible but it is true, the majic significance this date indeed carries.  Below we are glad  to show you two of eleven happy couples, which won a people's choice award.

Anna and Damir

Tanja and Derek

  • 28.08.2012 Shelly Agency Representative in the Netherlands

  • Agency Shelly now has official representative in the Nethrelands. You may address to our agent Mrs. Yana Abitzsch with any arrangements issues regarding wedding in the Czech Republic. Communication with our agent could ne in Dutch, English, Russian and German.  The service is available for BENELUX clients. Further contact are listed in general sections contucts.

Please use our guideline to know more about the  process of marriage in the Czech Republic arrangements

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