Wedding banquet
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Wedding banquet

Wedding banquet is a finale of the wedding celebration, and even more – it is its finishing touch confirming that the wedding is not only for the marriage, not only for the groom and fiancée, but it is also a joyful feast for all the guests. Guests are parents, relatives, friends and colleagues of the newlyweds. This day everyone should be happy and cheerful, everything should be comfortable, convenient and tasty!

What will ensure all these unforgettable impressions?

The right choice of restaurant is one of the most important conditions in which wedding banquet will enter the history as one of the wonderful wedding impressions. Every self-respecting entertainment institution has a cozy banquet hall with a special interior according to the certain general restaurant style. All the attractiveness of the restaurant should be considered in advance: the location of the restaurant from the centre, the price, convenient for the both sides, the availability of comfortable conditions, the parking and convenient approach roads, customer reviews, extra benefits, the rich menu, the cooks-specialists, the availability of the indoor or outdoor terrace or the balcony (for taking pictures), and, if it is, the space for fireworks.

Planning a banquet consider the number of guests, the duration of the banquet and its overall concept (youth wedding, buffet, wedding of customs and traditions and so on). Rely on professionals in developing the menu and table setting. Do not forget about the sweet dot at the end of the banquet – about the wedding cake!

Actually decorating of the banquet hall for the wedding is a branch of wedding floristry. It is not a simple thing, but for long designers possess an extensive arsenal of artistic resources such as if a drapery with luxurious tissues (silk, velvet), specially made accessories and decorations, floral arrangements and balloons, ikebana and specially designed bridal bouquet. Floral galleries and voluminous figures of the groom and fiancée, arches of balloons and enormous silk bows in special areas – all of this will help to ensure that just entering the hall for the wedding banquet everybody will say: “Wow!” At the present time fashionable weddings are organized in the tents, in the castles, on the ships – there is no place where it is impossible to arrange a wedding banquet!