Wedding bouquet
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Wedding bouquet


Wedding and flowers are inseparable concepts, and it is understandable. This symbiosis is incredibly elusive at the moment – let us also to make our paints in the colorful palette of the wedding bouquet.

The wedding bouquet is an element of the unique image of the fiancée, it can be as pompous and bright, as tender and modest but always – as if it is a charming point in general beautiful appearance of the fiancée. It means it is combined with fashion and tissue of wedding dress, wedding hair and wedding make - up.

Do not forget about floral preferences of the fiancée. Certainly our advice is classic – roses which are a symbol of love and beauty, they can be blooming or buds, with short stalks or with long ones and of different colors and shades. The florists offer to complete the bouquet of roses with orange-blossom which is always associated with wedding.

Roses will adorn every fiancée and will give her charm and aristocracy.

Fragrant jasmine, bright tulips, exotic orchids, graceful gardenias, virgin lilies, classic callas, touching lilies of the valley – all flowers are good for the wedding bouquet which is usually maintained in light colors or delicate pastel.

Its shape is traditionally round, cascade, linear or conical, flowers should be properly chosen and    professionally decorated matching themselves and outside world.

It is important to notice that the last fashion in compilation of wedding bouquets is golden, brandy, chocolate and caramel and beige tones, attributes – strasses and crystals.

Wedding bouquet can be matched in accordance with the seasons: winter, summer, autumn and spring bouquet, the main thing is to beautify the fiancée, to please her and everybody around!

Grooms, we haven’t forgotten about you! Although your status isn’t supposed to have the wedding bouquet you also have the right to a beautiful and elegant adornment of your wedding suit – a boutonniere. The classic boutonniere of a single rose, the stylish boutonniere of miniature snow-white calla, the original freesia or orchid boutonniere – a small floral accessory fixed to the lapel will always add elegance to the groom and remind the audience about the solemnity of the event.