Wedding dresses in Prague
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Wedding dresses in Prague

When this extraordinary day comes everybody wants to wear something unusual.

In the present great variety of offers which can be courageously called the sea or the ocean there is our wave as well – graceful, elegant and original!

In such a memorable day none of brids will refuse to wear a wedding dress from our wedding salon SHELLY because its assortment meets the highest requirements and demanding tastes.

The offered wedding dresses really delight the eye with fantasy and refinement: flounces and laces pay tribute to romanticism, embroidery with beads and sewing Swarovski are the reverence towards the decadence, rigorous straight lines are the compliment to classicism.

The color palette is not limited generally accepted norms: here and pastels, and color shades, and unexpected color solutions.

There is no secondary details in the wedding dress: the main thing is all, from the clasps to the decorative accessories. And the embodiment of the dream of each fiancee – a gorgeous wedding dress – may look quite different. So this expression – a designer dress – was born, it means a author's work of an original style, the only of its kind and unique therefore...

What are they, design trends 2011?

Ceremonial silhouettes of American and English companies are featured with expensive embroideries with stones and pearl Swarovski – a brilliance giving the opportunity to feel like a queen .

Russian fashion designers offer as an option of wedding cloth dresses-covers with the layers from reticule

with a pompous neckband, and the emphases are placed bravely with grotesque contrast colors.

Fancy wedding costumes of red color and wedding opera cloaks were brought into new trends of this year by magicians - Frenchmen who have as negligence and simplicity to be very elegant

The Italians have pink and beige chiffon flying like a bird...

Empire style, water nymph, always actual Ball Gown, Athena, Pret-a-porter de-luxe, Mademoiselle Bon-Bon - all the styles are welcome to us! To us – means to wedding salon SHELLY!

In addition to Post-Scriptum: You will choose yourself easily evening dresses, dresses for banquets, cocktails and just for parties after having wandered with pleasure in their effervescent whirl...

And post-Post-Scriptum: if You are not a standard mannequin – don't be upset – our craftswomen on all hands will do so, that Your defects will become Your values...