Wedding Hair in Prague
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Wedding Hair in Prague conservatism is an essential part of wedding fashion on the whole. Anyway it can't be  new trends even in wedding conventional formulas, so wedding hairs are terra nova as for skilled and for beginners-stylists. Every fiancee would like to look not only effectively but also harmoniously - so another masterpiece born by the hairdresser is a symbiosis of his own repertoire, the momentary fantasy and new fashion trends. It is long known that naturalness is a pledge of success. So flowing curls is romanticism which is relevant to any attair. If length of hair excludes curls, in this case spontaneous small strands may occure, it might be a lirical chaos imparting the hairstyle a coquettish appearance and suited for all ages. found a second youth a long time ago, they can be decorated with strings of pearls, silk ribbons and flowers - as live as artificial. Skillfully plaited braid interspersed with decorative accessories or bunches make frequently more an impression than a pretentious hairdress predominating in the overall image. "Spica" or "Basket" just call to decoration and they will remain in original form for long - it has nothing to fear for this hairstyle under any circumstances, and furthermore, a braid always underlines proud stateliness and chastity. Classic updo open face advantageously and draw attention to the eyes - fashionable trends in this field abandoned the exaggerated contrived constructions, soaked with lacquer - stylish laconicism, not strong fixation, thought-out proffecional attributes: always demanded pearls in the form of filaments,tiara and hairpins, as well as satin ribbons, buds, boutonnieres,bouquetes and just flowers in the hair - all of that is also everlasting touch to the fiancee's appearance giving piquancy and friskiness and symbolizing purity at the same time. remind that there are novations in the field of accessories: thus, for instance, one of novelties, sounded very impressively this season is feathers. It can be one large luxury pen - refinement ans aristocracy, or a small feather boa - weightlessness and flight. Another very popular addition - leaves: it is a decoration as for a hairdress and for a bride dress, actually for a cutout. Leaves can be decorated with stones, crystals and pearls, they attrack attention as a composite component of the hairstyle  and of the cutout. There is a wide assortment of decorations, and it is difficult enough to make a choice, but don't be embarrassed and remember: the accessory thought up by you for your hairstyle can make it unique and original because it is the only one and in the singular! So You have something to be proud of - Your hairstyle is just the new season's trend!