Wedding Venues in Prague and Czech Republic
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Wedding Venues in Prague and Czech Republic

Prague, as a magnet, draws tourists with its unique architecture.
Take an Old City, for instance. It's a center of several architectural styles: Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque. Unfortunately, just a few know that the granaries of Prague hide splendidly finished halls, which are used for the equally splendid purpose – holding the wedding ceremonies.
As You know, Prague is divided into districts, so-called city components. Each administrative part of her city is usually located in a major building. Right in those buildings the wedding halls are located.   
Wedding ritual in Czech Republic has been held by certain rules for a long time, and always makes the ceremony look very solemnly, strictly and at the same time very beautifully. Spacious and light halls with high ceilings and large windows correspond the solemnity of the moment.
As a rule newly-married prefer to contract a marriage at Prague Town Hall: its hall,  stylized under antiquities, and the lively Old Town Square with its numerous sights – everything here obviously attracts You and draws Your attention.  .
There are also other wedding halls in Prague, equally unique by their design elegance, art taste and style - these are halls at Prague 2, Prague 3 and Prague 4. The synthesis of styles variety here matches the highest requirements: the present lets know of itself in decor elements – spiral staircases, illumination in modernist style and the panel – every single element is a tribute for Today.
At the same time, finding yourself in this kind of a wedding hall You will always feel the invisible presence of ancient traditions, hidden in the interior design, such as: florid stucco work, magnificent curtains – everything speaks of the devoted thirst for the national medieval history, which Prague is so true to...
All the twenty two Prague wedding halls are remarkable in their own ways and are always eager to open their doors for the future spouses!
So – You are welcome!