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Other venues

Other Castles and glrorious venues

As you maybe already realised there is many beautiful and gorgeous venues for wedding ceremonies and fest. To describe all of them  is  almost, however  we would be happy to give you a brief information about the most favourite and desired venues among bride&grooms.

Castle Ctenice

This  one of  wonderful vendors which became available for public activities just several years ago is Castle Ctenice. Before this place was ruined by peasants and after long-term reconstruction the Castle  appeared accurately  renewed and now has very impressive look. Nowadays the  Castle complex consists of 1 main buiding, two stables, surrounded by nicely cultivated garden.

The Castle territory is a great example of manorial estates development, starting from primary tower to aristocratic country estate  with baroque granaries and manèges. In the Castle there is an exposition open of "For Suvereign Imperor  or Hagsburgs in the Czech Republic", added by historical carriages.

Prague Palace Park

Vrtbovsky Garden (or other name of this beautiful garden is Prague Palace Park) can excite and mesmerize even those very exacting romance-lovers. This garden was founded in 1720 purposely for Wedding Ceremonies and therefore it was located just in the heart of Prague. In 20s of 18th century Prague City went through a wedding boost and foundation fo these gardens were ment to satisfy  expectations of  rich clients among local aristocracy. Wedding ceremony conducts under roof of glorious stone pergole.

Castle Detenice

Wedding in Detenice Castle will be just incredible. The  key feature of  wedding ceremonies at the venue is show scenario with historical characters. Greetings from Czech lands voevode count Albrht from Waldshtein, knights' tournament, the cannon shots - all this will create a special entourage and bring essential sense.

Castle Karlstejn

The Castle consists a complex  of historical buildings, founded in 14th centuty for Imperor and King Charles IV. It is  a splendid combination of architecture, history and art monuments.  The greates sight of this faiiry Castle is  Mother of God Chruch  built it year 1357 with the Middle Ages frescos. In the corner of the Church there is a royal chapel with walls covered by  precious stones.

The most significant pearl of Karlstejn Castle is St. Christ Chapel  in the Big Tower, with inbuiltr semiprecious stones, when till year 1420 the coronation treasures were kept. Around 128 panels covering tte walls of thie Chapel were drawn master Theodorick.

Castle Dobris

The Castke is located 35 km away from Prague and impresses by its luxury interier and exclusive park architecture.

It is one of the most well-known Castles of the Czech Republic in style of rococo with special expressive fasade built in year 1745-1765 Jindrich Pavel Mannsfeld. His daughte married to Frantisek Gindakara Colloredo. This became the beginning of  Colloredo-Mannsfeld clan existed till the World War Two. In 1942 the Castle was captured  and occupied by fascists, although in 1945 was nationalised by the Government and was used as a House of Writers along 50years.

In1998 the Castle and both two English adn French gardens which belong to it went though complete recontruction and it was returned to the family descendant Ing. Jeromme Kollerado-Mannsfeld. The Castle Dobris embodies amazing pattern of courteus  epoch of Ludovick XV on the Czech Land.

Castle Duchcov

The Castle was built on the former land of Lobkowicz family. In 1642 the woner of the Castle became Valdstejn clan. Jan Bendrich from Valdstejn had invited an architector  Mateo from Rome who realised the Castle construction in baroque  style. In the beginning of 18th century entire area of the Castle, including garden was completely reconstructed. The Castle's walls  are painted by Reiner. On the edge on 18th and 19th centuries there was another recostruction which reformed the estate into classic style.

Perimeter of the Castle complex forms partially open yard. The barrier is decorated by 4 mythylogical sculptures by master Brown as well as rest of plastic  design the Caslte territory. The left flank of connects castle building with Church.

The main building  has two floors with centered chrysolite, highlighted by mansard roof, terrase from garden side and also monumental staires. The Caslted was visited by Goethe, Schiller, Geiden, Mozart and Bach. The ceremony takes place in gorgeous hall - Valdstejn Gallery.

Castle Hluboka-Nad-Vltavou

Many brides call this Castle the most romantic one in entire Czech Republic. Weddings in this Castle certainly will be unforgetable as magic    and thrilling  day in your matrimonial   life. Wonderful garden and enchanting outlines of the Castle bring features  of roylaty and splendour to your wedding. Tthe first name of the tower was Fraunbe. It was founded in the middle of XII century by noble Cech from Budejovice. Later on it was confiscated for royal chamber. In 1661 the tower Hluboka-nad-Vltavou was acquired by Schwartzenberg family. the Castle was several time under reconstruction, at last in 1839-1871 in style of Windsor's gothics. The Castle has 140 rooms which interiers are decorated by plenty of treasure wippon and  armour in Wippon Chamber, collections of Flamand tapestry, furniture, faience  and paintings. On  the territory adjoining to the Tower there beautifuls gardes, parks and Hunter Houses.