Wedding in the castle Brandys on the Elbe
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Wedding in the castle Brandys on the Elbe

In the past the Royal Castle on the Elbe was a favorite place to hunt for Hubsburg rulers of the genus. The valuable ancient monument of Renaissance with well-survived Sgraffito opened for the first time over the past 745 years for visitors.
The renovated halls, interiors and expositions are witnesses of stay here of all the emperors of the monarchy, the castle belonged to them till 1918.
A unique library situated in the oldest Gothic wing of the main building is just a part of the comprehensive scientific collections assembled by arch duke Ludwig Salvator from the family of Tuscan Hubsburgs. There are nice rooms causing interest which were occupied by the last Austro-Hungarian emperor Charles I Austrian.
The romanticism of bygone days is emphasized with visitations of the castle accompanied by Dragoon officers wearing old uniforms.
The innovation is a stylish Tuscan restaurant decorated in the style of Renaissance and located in the former palace kitchens which have the terraces with great views over the city Stara Boleslav and the river Elbe.
The castle Brandys is a residence of the last Austro-Hungarian emperor Charles I Austrian in which took place the meeting of the Russian emperor Alexander I and the German kaiser Frederick William .
You can learn with one of the oldest maps of Bohemia and the gun collection in the extant Tuscan library.